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Hello! I’m Sam, an artist focused on work that explores our inner, emotional worlds. Much of my childhood was spent alone in the woods or exploring the possibilities of dreams. I’ve drawn on these personal experiences to create a visual language of dark nature, hypnagogic patterns, and moody atmospheres.

The Blood Moon Tarot is a project being brought to life by over 10 years of experience using the tarot and over 2 years of work on the deck itself. I believe tarot’s marriage of art and symbolism make it a powerful tool for examining ourselves and our circumstances. This deck explores my personal interpretations of the cards in my own visual language, making it quite different from the iconic imagery of the Rider-Waite deck. With this deck I hope to encourage others to sit with their struggles, learn how to navigate the emotional landscapes within themselves, and connect with the mystery of the world around them.

The Blood Moon Tarot will be a complete deck featuring a fully illustrated Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. Much of my personal imagery is rich with nature, flowing lines, and earthy color palettes. I'm nearly done the Major Arcana (only The World remains) and I have the sketches for the Minor Arcana cards done and am currently finalizing the drawings so that I can paint. I’ll be sharing my progress on the Minor Arcana as the kickstarter takes place, so look for updates as the campaign progresses! I plan to have the art done and the deck ready to print by August so that I can have everyone's packages to them by the winter holidays.

The current card specs are: 2.75 " x 4.75", 350gsm, matte finish, gilded edges, foil card backs, in a tuck box.

The suits of the Minor Arcana have been changed to Songs (cups), Skins (wands), Dreams (swords), and Honey (pentacles) to reflect the symbolic themes that I’ve used. The individual suits are each comprised of one large painting which will be cropped to the individual cards, making that suit interconnected when laid out.

 A preview of the Minor Arcana sketches... keep an eye out here for updates during the campaign!

The Basic, Deluxe, Book, and Sketch & Deck tiers all come with an accompanying digital booklet which includes my meanings for each card as well as 3 unique tarot spreads created for the deck. Stretch goals come with each tier, but certain items will only be available for those who pledge at the Deluxe level and up. You can switch tiers anytime before the campaign ends or purchase additional stretch goal items through Pledgemanager after the campaign has funded (this will work if you want to order an extra deck as well).

The Original Art tiers offer original watercolor paintings from the Blood Moon Tarot*. Each one is watercolor and a genuine precious stone pigment on 140lb hot press watercolor paper. They measure approximately 6" x 10” and have been matted to 12" x 16".  These tiers also include a Blood Moon Tarot deck, the digital booklet, and all other stretch goal items that are available in the deluxe tiers. See details below:

*Please note that when purchasing original art the rights remain with the artist.

The majority of my funding goal goes towards the costs of having the first run of the Blood Moon Tarot printed. A small amount of the funds will cover the costs of shipping those decks to me, Kickstarter's fees and processing fees, and I have a little safety net for any miscellaneous expenses that may occur. 

Once we’ve hit the funding goal I’ll be adding stretch goals. These goals, when reached, will allow me to use the extra funds to make this deck special through additions such as upgrading the paper, adding gold foil to the back of the cards, or items such as beautiful art boxes to store your deck in.


  • UNLOCKED $15,000 Paper stock will be upgraded for the Blood Moon Tarot, this upgrade is applied to ALL tier levels.
  • UNLOCKED $18, 000 Gold gilded edges for the Blood Moon Tarot, this upgrade is applied to ALL tier levels.
  • UNLOCKED $20, 000 8" x 10" gold foil print of the card back design, this upgrade is applied to DELUXE tier levels and up (Deluxe x2 tier will receive 2).
  • UNLOCKED $23,000 Gold foil added to the card back design for the Blood Moon Tarot, this upgrade is applied to ALL tiers.
  • UNLOCKED $25,000 2 extra tarot spreads, sketches, and color palettes will be added to the digital booklet, this upgrade is applied to ALL tiers.
  • UNLOCKED $35, 000 I’ll be adding tarot cloths to the DELUXE tiers and up (Deluxe x2 tier will receive 2)! It’ll be an extension of the art from the card back covering the fabric from edge to edge. The design will be gold ink on black cotton and measure 24" x 24".
  • UNLOCKED $40,000 I’ll be adding a beautiful, art-covered magnetic box to protect your cards! These will be included in the DELUXE tiers and up (Deluxe x2 tier will receive 2)!
  • UNLOCKED $45,000 I’ll be adding gold foil to the beautiful, art-covered magnetic box from the previous tier! The art will be an elaboration of the the design on the card back, so the gold foil will bring it all together.
  • UNLOCKED $50,000 The physical book will now be hardcover!
  • More to come...

I plan to charge shipping through Pledgemanager after the campaign is funded - below are the final shipping costs...

To ensure the process of getting your rewards to you goes smoothly, here are some notes that will help us to avoid potential delays:

  • Please be sure you use an email address that is valid and frequently checked. When the Kickstarter is over a survey will be sent out to collect any information I might need to get your rewards to you. I will not be able to send you your reward until you fill out the survey.  
  • Please be sure your address is correctly spelled and in the proper format. If your package is returned to me due to an invalid address, you will have to repay for shipping. I also am unable to ship to international PO Boxes, if this is an issue ask a friend or relative if you can have your reward shipped to them.  
  • Please be sure your credit card info is up to date or your pledge will not go through when the funding ends.  
  • Please note that though I do my best to keep shipping prices as low as possible, shipping rates are beyond my control and international shipping can be quite expensive. Also note that you are responsible for any international customs fees that may occur and I can not send my packages as anything other than merchandise.  

Thank you!

If you’d like to read more about the process of making this deck you can explore my project countdown or find process videos here. You can also find my work at, on instagram and twitter @samguayart.

Available Rewards:

$40USD + Shipping

Blood Moon Tarot: Basic


  • Blood Moon Tarot deck
  • Digital booklet
$60USD + Shipping

Blood Moon Tarot: Deluxe


  • Blood Moon Tarot deck
  • Magnetic card box
  • Digital booklet
  • 8" x 10" card back print
  • Tarot cloth

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